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Pop one’s clogs


例子:By all means enjoy a partnership with a popular celebrity but if said famous person’s clogs decide to pop, you may want to consider cancelling that scheduled post.

That went down a treat


例子:We are grateful that she has forked out for the baby’s blanket/gonk needs, and so won’t bother to question why she has failed to give me the boxset of classic episodes of The Banana Splits, which I had specifically hinted would go down a treat.

Take the mickey out of someone


例子:That phrase has come back to haunt me on many mickey-taking occasions since.

Itchy feet


例子:I tend to get itchy feet after 18 months so there must be something special about Football Focus – we’re here today and I’ve still got butterflies in my stomach.

At a loose end


例子:He’s been at a loose end ever since he retired.

Another string to your bow


例子:I’m learning French so I’ll have another string to my bow.

As the actress said to the bishop

等同于英语中另一个短语‘That’s what she said’的意思,多使用于英国,用来做强调之用。

例子:Heavens, that’s a big one – as the actress said to the bishop.

Cheap as chips


例子:Only a fiver for a ticket — cheap as chips mate!

Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves


Nosy parker

这个词是形容那些喜欢管人家闲事的人,如果你实在受不了有些人嘻嘻歪歪喜欢嚼舌头,那么你就可以说他们是nosy parker。

例子:Stop being such a nosy parker! They’re having a private conversation!

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